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ethical business practices  •  high-quality products  •  high-quality techniques


We stand behind our work 100% and promise to do everything to get your carpets and upholstery healthy, fresh, and looking amazing, now and for years to come!


We accomplish this through:

  • being highly trained, certified, and experienced 

  • the most effective techniques to meet your needs

  • the highest quality detergents and products

  • cleaning agents matched to the materials and soiling type (yes it makes a huge difference)

  • only the best machines and tools 

  • no bait and switch, no surprise charges

  • 100% money-back guarantee: if you are not satisfied, I will clean again and if you are still not happy, your money back


room / stairs / hall

Our standard cleaning package includes:

  • inspection and evaluation of carpet

  • review your cleaning needs and goals

  • determine your investment in maintaining your carpets

  • thorough vacuum, including vacuuming all edges with edge tool  

  • full pre-spray custom mixed to match your carpet type and soiling (used to break up oils and dirt for a more thorough clean)

  • agitation with a counter rotating brush to bring out trapped hair and other contaminants

  • hot water extraction with a high quality rinse aid 
    (also knows as “steam” cleaning)

  • additional spot treatments as required

  • pile setting

  • post inspection

see our carpet cleaning packages >>



upholstery cleaning

Bring new life to old furniture and keep new looking fresh from the start!

services include:

  • pre-inspection and evaluation of upholstery

  • thorough vacuuming

  • pre-spray and spot treatments

  • agitation with horse hair brush to prevent damage to your fine furnishings

  • hot water extraction with rinse aid

  • brush to set fibre

fabric protection

A spray on coating that guards your rugs, carpeting, upholstery and fabrics against: spills, soil, liquids, and oils.

These products are must for:

  • easier stain spill and spot removal

  • easier cleaning and vacuuming

  • an extra wear-layer, instead of the original fibre becoming damaged the protector is worn away



clean and sanitize

Not to put too fine a point on it, but we all wash our sheets fairly regularly right? We also sleep on our mattresses every, single, night... ‘nuff said.

service includes:

  • first and foremost, no judgement...

  • full inspection

  • pre-spray with detergent

  • extract with rinse aid

  • post clean-water rinse if needed


spot stain

stain removal
Managing expectations is one of the most important roles we play as cleaning experts. Most stains CAN be treated, however, some are permanent. Worn carpet fibre causes dull / dark spots that can not be fixed by any cleaning.
easier to tackle stains include:
  • day-to-day soiling

  • oil-based

  • food and drink 


more difficult stains include:

  • paint

  • makeup

  • pet soiling

odor removal

Pet odors can ruin even the most beautiful "looking" home. We offer a variety of techniques to tackle some of the most stubborn lingering odors.

  • urine odors can require an intensive multi-step process

  • hair removal with a thorough multi-step, multi-detergent process

  • Enzyme treatments use biological catalysts that speed up chemical reactions to break down remaining organic materials that cause odor.

  • Oxidizers break down organic materials through chemical oxidation. Breaks down to oxygen and water. 

  • Chemical deodorizers chemically bond through a process of counteraction and absorption to eliminate the odour.

Please note: some odors may be seem to temporarily worsen during, and immediately after, a cleaning. This is a result of pet hair accumulation and should remedy itself once the detergents have completely activated and carpets dried.


granite, tile + grout

Protect the appearance of your expensive stone surfaces.
why use a professional to seal?
Most residentially available sealers need to be re-applied yearly. If your granite, tile or grout is prone to staining or appear wet after a regular cleaning it is time to consider re-sealing.
With our professional-grade “Dry-treat” sealer, you get the best sealer on the market and it is backed up with the written15-year warranty.

High alkaline detergents and scrubbed with counter rotating brush. 


area rug

Area rugs often require more delicate attention than floor-to-floor carpeting. We have be trusted to clean100-year old wool rugs –safely and in place!
service includes:
  • full inspection, material, and colour-fastness check

  • multi-step vacuum technique to vibrate the maximum amount of solids out of the rug

  • custom matched detergent pre-spray

  • agitation with counter rotating brush if rug is sufficiently thick and stiff

  • hand agitation if the rug is delicate 

  • hot-water extraction

  • post-inspection


auto / boat / rv

upholstery and detailing

Why waste your time hanging out in a shop when you can have your vehicles cleaned in your driveway or on-site at your storage yard.


service includes:

  • detailed -inspection

  • dry vacuum

  • spot treatments as required

  • material matched pre-spray

  • agitation

  • hot water extraction

  • fabric guard, if requested

  • post inspection

see our vehicle detailing packages >>


additional add-on services

(unless listed in your cleaning package)


odor treatments

fabric guard application

counter rotating brush

(for deep clean and pet hair removal)

home maintenance inspection

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